Thursday 6 September 2012

Guilin, Li River Cruise

Guilin, Li River Cruise

( 3rd June 2008 )

Limestone hills seen from our river boat, reminded me of Sam Poh Tong caves in Ipoh

The two hills that look like two gorillas as pointed out to us by the tour guide

Cormorants on a bamboo raft own by a fisherman who uses them to fish. The fisherman put a ring around the neck of each of the cormorant to prevent it from swallowing the catch.


A huge and beautiful limestone outcrop towering over us

Cruise boats berthed at a pier

The famous Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山)

The same hill and look at the floating structure in the foreground. It is a cross between a bamboo raft and a makeshift shelter complete with wooden seats

Participants practising rowing to prepare for the upcoming Dragon Boat Race competition in conjunction with the Dumpling Festival

Homes built into the limestone outcrop

Yet another nice scenery of the river

More scenery

Rival participants practising for the Dragon Boat Race

See how they practice with gusto

More practice

After a long hard day the rowers finally stop to get some rest along the river bank

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