Monday 24 September 2012

Hi Tea At The LGC in a top hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Hi Tea At The LGC in a top hotel in Kuala Lumpur

An extensive selection of mouth-watering sushi

My youngest son and I had a get together with my friend and her kids to celebrate Malaysia Day at the Lemon Garden Cafe at Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. By 12-45 P.M. the place was packed with  every available table taken. The Lemon Garden Cafe really boasted of a wide selection of food choices and a sumptuous spread to cater to everyone's palate.

The Chinese Cuisine boasted of a few delicious dishes and a very tasty soup plus a few varieties of dim sum and hot steaming Chinese dumplings. The Japanese counter showcased their ever popular sushi and shashimi, fresh oysters, boiled big prawns and crabs, a few varieties of shell fishes and octopus. The Malaysian counter has a wide selection of curries, nasi briyani, nasi tomato, roti canai and murtabak and of course the the satay with the peanut sauce. The western counter has the sirloin steak, ratatouille, gratin potatoes, lamb chops and many other dishes whose names I could not remember nor pronounced. Not to be missed is the Italian counter with their pizzas and pastas, the many types of bread and cheese to tempt one's palate.  

A large crowd of kids were seen dipping their choices of fruits into the two chocolate fountains at the dessert corner. Besides the chocolate fountains there were plenty of  mouth-watering sweets and desserts and ice creams and even a candy floss machine for the kids and those who are still kids at heart. 

From the Chinese Counter :

 Yang Chow fried rice

 Beef with peppers

 Marmite prawns

 Steamed pomfret

Winter melon soup with chicken

 Steamed varieties of dim sum

 More steamed dim sum

 One of the many varieties of fried dim sum

 The Western and Italian Counters :

 Grilled fish

 Sirloin steak cooked perfectly



 Beef stew

 Chicken roulade

 Lamb chop

Seafood dish

Baked pasta


 A wide selection of grilled vegetables

 So many varieties of cheese to choose from

 An assortment of bread

 The Malaysian Counter :

Fish curry

 Pineapple pajeri

 Beef curry

 Beef rendang

 Nasi tomato or tomato rice

 Lamb curry

 Chicken curry

 Spicy sotong or cuttlefish

 Nasi Briyani or Briyani rice


The Japanese Counter : 

 Fresh Oysters

 Sushi & shashimi



The salad corner :

The Dessert Corner :


The white chocolate fountain with an assortment of fruits for dipping

 Malaysian kueh mueh

Dainty mouth-watering cakes for those with a sweet tooth

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