Wednesday 21 November 2012

Bidor, Perak 美罗鸭腿面

Bidor, Perak 美罗鸭腿面

On our homeward journey from Penang we detoured to the town of Bidor for a late lunch. We were in for a surprise when our intended restaurant, PC Restaurant was fully packed despite the late hour for lunch. Hungry and eager patrons could be seen standing around and waiting for those seated and eating at the tables to finish their meals. More and more people seem to be crowding into the shop despite all the tables being taken. Well, the food must be great for such a crowd to wait willingly.

We found one table with a young lovey-dovey couple almost finishing their meal and we stood near their table and waited. After about 8 minutes, the young couple finally polished off their meal and I quickly sat down before they could fully vacate because others were also keeping an eye on that table. Sorry, love birds, for crowding into your space.

We waited quite a while for the table to be cleared and waited again for our orders to be taken. Waited longer still for our orders to arrive. But it was a worthwhile wait because the meal was great!. We ordered duck noodles and won ton soup. Both were superb!

 Won ton soup

 Duck noodle soup

Duck soup and the noodle - dry style

The PC Restaurant sells many varieties of biscuits and snacks. While waiting for the food to arrive, most patrons were seen browsing through the shelves of snacks and biscuits, taking their pick. 

 Chicken biscuits

 Fragrant biscuits

Chicken floss cookies

 Fragrant sesame biscuits

Barbecued fish slices

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