Thursday 15 November 2012

X-Files : The Templar's Park 'Caveman'

X-Files : The Templar's Park 'Caveman'


On the way back from SK's hometown in the North, we passed by Templar's park. The rain had just stopped and it was towards evening when we turned into the residential area near Templar's Park. The developer was then building bungalows and terrace houses. We thought of taking  a look at the houses which look nice and spacious from the road. 

Since it was just after the rain and it was towards evening, the air was cool and the environment a bit misty. Both SK and I were engrossed and fascinated by the designs and structures of the houses. Our youngest son, YS, who was sleeping at the back of the car, just woke up as our car moved slowly through the housing estate. With sleepy eyes, he pointed towards the mountain and said, "There's a big man up on the mountain. Who is he and why is he wearing fur?"  We looked towards the mountain. But we failed to see any big man up on the mountain top. We saw only trees and vegetation towards the mountainous region.

SK asked him to describe and drew what he saw. 

Well, his drawing was that of a caveman wearing animal skin, quite like the cartoon character Fred in "The Flintstones".

We asked him what that man was doing. He told us that he just stood on the edge of mountain looking down.

Perhaps, this is the guardian spirit of the mountain surveying his territory ?


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