Friday 9 November 2012

X-Files : The Kajang Experience

X-Files : The Kajang Experience

We lived in Kajang for 5 years before shifting back to K.L. Our house was very near to a Chinese cemetery. In fact, the cemetery was located just at the end of the road.  

On weekends, SK often took naps in the afternoons. In his dreamlike state, he had experienced more than once, the sound of footsteps pacing up and down just a few feet from his head. In addition to these footsteps, he could hear the sound of the rustling of a robe, as if the person walking past is wearing a long, flowing robe. 

Who could it be walking just above his head in a long flowing robe, while he slept ? 
He tried to get up but couldn't. He tried turning his head to look but couldn't either. It was like as if his body was no longer under his control.

On another occasion, SK stretched his hands upon waking. Guess what his fingers touched? 
A set of bones sleeping next to him!

Well, SK was cool about it. He kept his eyes closed and remained quiet and just let it be. 

Nothing happened. 
Soon, he could no longer feel the bones.

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