Sunday 4 November 2012

X-Files : The Suicidal Girl

X-Files : The Suicidal Girl

FA is a teenager who studied in a secondary school in KL. She is from a dysfunctional family where there was no peace in the family and she became very unhappy as she felt unloved.  She felt that nobody cared about her. Soon she befriended a guy who was good to her and has the gift of the gab. They soon became good friends and was inseparable. She was extremely happy that she has finally found someone who cared about her. She communicated with this guy by handphone as they could not meet everyday. As luck would have it, her father came to know about her friendship with this guy and demanded that she stopped seeing him and then confiscated her handphone. FA was devastated. Without her handphone she could not communicate with her boyfriend anymore. She became very depressed when she was unable to contact and share her problems with her boyfriend. She became a loner and kept to herself most of the time and while in school she did not mix with anyone. 

In her depressed state she heard voices talking to her. These voices encouraged her in a negative manner.  Negative suggestions like "life is not worth living,  kill yourself". "You are so unhappy, end your life". "Commit suicide"."hang yourself" Such phrases were played over and over again in her mind.

Then Sports day came. Everybody was busy and involved in the Sports day one way or another but not FA. She kept to herself and continued to stay back alone in the classroom instead of joining the rest of the class on this special day. Ropes were aplenty during this day and she managed to find a strong and sturdy one. She then decided to end it all. She threw one end of the rope over the ceiling fan and tied a noose and climbed on a chair, put the noose around her neck and kicked away the chair. Just then, a classmate happened to walked into the class and saw the attempted suicide and she screamed her head off and that attracted the attention of others who came running to see what the commotion was all about. A teacher with the help of some boys managed to save FA and sent her to the hospital. She was saved in the nick of time.

The scary part was that negative forces were able to work on her depressed state of mind, encouraging her to end her life.

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