Monday 26 November 2012

Playing With My Aunt's Bangle

Playing With My Aunt's Bangle

My third aunt went for a rest and recreation trip with her children and their families in a popular resort. They went in a few cars and booked a few rooms to spend the night. After dinner the young people all went out to enjoy the nightlife of the hotel cum resort. My aunt opted to stay in the hotel room to watch TV instead. 

Soon, she retired to bed. She slept fitfully and had awakened a few times during the night. She could not remember for sure what actually happened but she thought she heard the connecting door of the bedroom suites, swung to and fro on a few occasions. In her half awake state, my aunt thought her children or her grandchildren had returned for the night. It was only after the trip that the children and grandchildren disclosed that nobody came back to the rooms until the wee hours of the next morning and the whole gang all came back together and not individually.

 Well, you see, my aunt wore a jade bangle. We know it is not easy to put on or remove the type of jade bangle which looks like a doughnut. My aunt could remember that when she awakened, the jade bangle was removed from her wrist and lying next to her hand. She was puzzled how the bangle could have came off so easily. But she did not suspect anything and proceeded to the toilet and use soap to lubricate her wrist before she managed to put the bangle on again. After some time she went back to sleep again. The next time the bangle came off again but she just ignored it. She held onto the bangle and continued to sleep. Guess what ? When she awakened again, the bangle was put back on her wrist!  Someone or something had put it back on her wrist while she was asleep!

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