Tuesday 6 November 2012

X-Files : The Spirit Of The Coin

X-Files : The Spirit Of The Coin


Towards the end of the school term when the examinations were over and while waiting for the school holidays to start, my son's schoolmates were into the summoning of the spirit of the coin. Two of the girls were actively participating, while the rest just watch.

The two girls were into summoning the spirit for the second consecutive day when strange things began to happen. One of the girls could not control the use of her hand. All of a sudden, her hand seemed to be twisted at an odd angle and then began shaking uncontrollably. She seemed unable to control both her actions.

The second girl was worse off. She fell unconscious. It took six boys to carry her from the third floor of the classroom to the school office which is located on the ground floor. The boys said she was so heavy, she felt like a dead weight. The school principal called her father. She wasn't a big girl, yet when her father carried her to his car, her father staggered with her weight, as if he was carrying a huge rock.

Well, of course the schoolmates told her father that she had been dabbling in the spirit of the coin. Some well-meaning friends even told her father to consult a Taoist master to rectify the problem.

Soon both girls were back to school, as good as gold.
They dare not play with the spirit of the coin anymore!

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