Thursday 8 November 2012

X-Files : Dancing Brooms & Dustpans

X-Files : Dancing Brooms & Dustpans

SS works as a cleaner in a secondary school. She starts her day very early as there are many chores to be completed in her day's work. Her normal day usually starts around  5-00 to 5-30 A.M. when she reaches school. 

On this fateful day, SS heard noises coming from within the broom closet. It sounded as if a party was going on inside. Her first thought was that the school children were playing a prank on her. But then she realised that it was too early for school children to be in school. Anyway, she needed to find out the source of the noises. 

When SS opened the door and switched on the lights she saw all the brooms and dustpans jumping around. They appeared to be alive, dancing and causing a ruckus on their own. SS was stunned. She quickly switched off the lights and took to her heels. She waited for daybreak and for more people to start coming to the school before venturing into the broom closet again. And when she did enter the broom closet again in broad daylight and in the company of another fellow cleaner, everything appeared normal and all the brooms and dustpans were in their proper places.

She knew nobody would believe her and may even suspect her to be crazy if she reported the incident to the school authorities. She just related her experience to her fellow cleaners and the security guards. Her story soon spread to the teachers and from there to the school children and that's how my son got this story and told SK and I about it.

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