Friday 30 November 2012

X-Files : Return of my kidnapped soul

X-Files : Return of my kidnapped soul


I personally experienced this in 1980. I had just arrived home from work in the evening. As I stepped through the front door of my home, I suddenly felt awful. I felt nauseous, giddy and all my limbs had gone numb. Before I lost consciousness, I managed a loud scream that attracted the attention of my mum and brother who were at home.

My brother rushed me to the district hospital. The hospital attendant had done the routine check on my vital organs, blood pressure, blood sugar and found nothing wrong with me. I did not know for how long I had been unconscious but at some point of time I was aware of my surroundings even though I could not open my eyes nor could I speak and respond normally.  I could hear the hospital attendant talking. I was very angry that the hospital attendant slapped my face several times trying to revive me. I got real furious when he accused me of pretending to be unconscious because I was trying to get attention or that I could have quarrelled with my boyfriend and thus was trying to get sympathy or attention. Unfortunately, even though I could hear everything I could not open my eyes, nor could I speak.  I just lay motionless on the hospital bed unable to move, not even a muscle.              

All of a sudden, I found myself in pitch darkness. "Someone" was with me, guiding me along. I could not see anything but I sensed that I was been transported at high speed along a dark and narrow road which seemed endless. I use the word "transported" because I was not walking and neither was I flying. Yet I was moved along at high speed. The "someone" beside me did not say anything but I could sense his presence. Yes, my senses told me this "being" was a man.

Unbeknown to me then, after my brother had rushed me to the hospital, he immediately rushed to a temple to consult a medium. The temple medium informed my brother that I was possessed by an evil spirit. The medium gave instructions to my brother to perform on-the-spot prayers at the roadside, at specific directions and with specific offerings. At each road junction, my brother was to call out my name to guide my soul back.

The prayers were very powerful and effective. No sooner had the prayers been over than I woke up and saw my dishevelled brother standing next to my bed beaming down at me.

For weeks after this incident, my family would not allow me to go out at night, for fear that I would lose my soul  to evil spirits again!

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