Saturday 17 November 2012

X-Files: Tumour Girl Training On The Tracks

X-Files: Tumour Girl Training On The Tracks

Jane was a happy and bubbly girl who was very active in sports. She was fast on the tracks and represented her school in many track events. She was always seen training on the school tracks after normal school hours. No one would suspect that she was terminally ill. Lately, she has been suffering bouts of migraine and had to resort to pain killers to help relieve her headaches. When the pain became unbearable her parents consulted the specialists and to their horror they discovered that Jane had a growth in her brain that needed immediate surgery without which she would surely die.

The next day her parents came to the school and informed the school authorities that Jane required a leave of absence for 3 months to undergo an operation for a brain tumour. Her teachers and friends were notified of her illness and her need to undergo an operation to remove the malignant growth in her brain. 

Months passed and soon her friends saw her running and training on the tracks again after school. They were happy and thought that Jane had recovered from her operation. A few days later, her friends met Jane's parents in school. Her friends enquired about Jane and commented that they saw her training on the school tracks. Her parents were angry and told off her friends for talking nonsense because Jane's operation had failed and she had died two months ago! Her parents had come to the school that day to inform the school authorities about Jane's passing away!

To Jane, her love for sports and running continued despite the fact that she had passed onto the next world. Her spirit continued to train on the tracks and that was when her friends saw her, or rather her ghost, without even realising it. 

After the truth of Jane's death was revealed by her parents, her ghost was never sighted on the tracks again.

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