Saturday 10 November 2012

X-Files : The 3 Storey haunted House

X-Files :  The 3-Storey Haunted House 

How many of you continued staying in a haunted house despite being fully aware that it is haunted? Well, our family had the misfortune to experience this, not by choice but because we could not find another house fast enough to relocate.

In the late 1980s, we rented a 3-storey house in Kuala Lumpur. It was located in a  brand new housing estate with only a few rows of newly built 3-storey houses. The houses were nicely designed and conveniently located near to the town centre. The surroundings were rather conducive. We thought we have found the perfect house, or so we thought back then.

The bad omen started on the first day itself, the day we shifted into this house. But, then we were too engrossed with the shifting and relocation from Kajang to Kuala Lumpur and coupled with our hectic careers, we failed to notice the signs then. Well, as the saying goes, things are always clearer on hindsight when we looked back at the events as they started to unravel

The Bad Omen

The windscreen of our car was broken by a rogue pebble that dropped from an empty lorry while travelling from Kajang to Kuala Lumpur with the second load of our personal effects. Comparatively, this was nothing. This incident did not register in our minds to tie back to the haunted house until much later when we reflected upon the events that took place during the duration of our stay there.

My Baby Daughter

My daughter was just slightly over one year old, when we made the shift to this haunted house. Every evening she would cry and scream her head off for no apparent reason. We just assumed she could not adapt to the changes of relocation and left it at that. Later, we noticed that, in addition to the crying and screaming, she would place her two little hands tightly over both her eyes. She would not let go of both hands despite us prying her little fingers away. She only relaxed her hands when she finally fell asleep.

Was she able to see something that we could not? What was she afraid of? But since she was only one year old, she was unable to communicate to us what she saw. Still, we did not suspect supernatural forces were involved then.

My mother-in-law stayed with us on and off. One night, she awoke in the middle of the night and heard someone talking to my daughter, "get up, get up". Shortly after, my daughter started bawling so loudly until the next door neighbour was annoyed.

She fell sick every now and then.

Four ghosts In My House ?

My mother-in-law was a very perceptive woman. She knew something was not right with the house and soon consulted a medium to make enquiries and we were subsequently informed that there were four ghosts residing in our house!

Oh My God! as if one ghost is not enough to scare the living daylights out of me but FOUR GHOSTS?

Believe it or not, we had to bear with it for about nine more months until we could finally find another house to shift. We had to live in fear and dread while waiting to find another house. Meanwhile, strange things continued to happen.

Sagging Bed

In such scary times, SK and I practically stuck together whenever we need to move from floor to floor. Back then, SK was studying for his professional examinations and had to study late into the night. He brought all his papers and study materials into the our bedroom. He dared not study alone in his study.

On one occasion while he slept, he was awaken by the bed sagging heavily to one side. It felt as if a very heavy load weighted down on the other side of the bed. Was it  from the pressure exerted by four heavy "people" laying on the other side of bed ?. Or was it our wild imagination?

One of Them Must Be a Good Ghost

It was inevitable that at times, I had to be home alone due to unforeseen circumstances. On one such occasion I was all alone at home during the day. I was brewing herbal concoction and I had totally forgotten about the the brewing as I went about my chores. When I finally remembered I rushed to the kitchen to check on my brew. Believe it or not, it was brewed to perfection! Someone or something had switched off the flame at the right time and the brew was concocted to eight-tenth of a bowl as prescribed by the TCM practitioner.

Well, what can I say but to thank the kind ghosts.
At least there is some goodness left in them.

Two Miscarriages

I miscarried two times during my stay there.

Oh! what misfortune we had to endure staying in that haunted house!

We eventually found another house and shifted.
Good riddance to the four ghosts and all the misfortunes that had befallen us.

My sympathies and good luck to whoever stays there now.


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