Saturday 24 November 2012

Xiamen, China 中国厦门

Xiamen, China 中国厦门

( 22nd April 2006 )

Beautiful blooms all around Xiamen city

From Chaozhou, SK's cousin helped us to book a tour to nearby Xiamen in Fujian province. It was very cheap to visit Xiamen from Chaozhou. If I remember correctly, we spent about four hundred renminbi per head for a  3 days 2 nights trip from Chaozhou to Xiamen by coach. The cost included hotel accommodations, food and entrance tickets to places we visited plus the boat ride to Gulangyu, a resort island near to Xiamen. 

However, because of time constraint, the tour covered only a small portion of the many island attractions, since it was only a day trip. Our accommodations was in Xiamen and not in Gulangyu island.  

 The sign says "One country two systems-Reunite China" and it is facing Taiwan

 Tan Kah Kee's home in Xiamen

A long pavilion near Tan Kah Kee Park

 A memorial dedicated to Tan Kah Kee at Kah Kee Park

 Tan Kah Kee's grave

 This is a statue of a labourer seen at a stop between the border of Fujian and Chaozhou

Galloping horses seen at the same place

Inside the Nanputuo Temple

Inside the Nanputuo Temple

Nanputuo Temple 南普陀寺

  In the five photos above, Xiamen is in the background separated by the sea whereas in the foreground are homes on Gulangyu

 The beaches on the coast of Gulangyu

The cable cars from the foothill to the higher parts of Gulangyu


  1. Hi Doris,
    I just discovered your blog while searching for curry fish balls. I visited Xiamen back in 2001, and love Gulangyu. I can't believe how developed it is now! It must be swamped with tourists!

    1. Hi Mv,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, Xiamen is very clean and beautiful and Gulangyu is just fascinating.


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