Wednesday 7 November 2012

X-Files : The Flushing Toilet

X-Files : The Flushing Toilet

During the school holidays, many schools organised campfires and camping within the school grounds. School children love to sit around campfires and listen to ghost stories. 

Shanti was one of the teachers who organised a campfire cum camping in the school for lower secondary school children. The teachers took shift throughout the night to keep an eye to ensure everything went on smoothly. 

On this night, Shanti was on the graveyard shift. The children were tired out after the singing and dancing round the campfire, not forgetting the story-telling sessions of ghosts and strange encounters. All was quiet, the children were sleeping in their tents and a couple of other teachers were patrolling round the school compound.

The call of nature took Shanti to the toilet. After finishing her business in her cubicle, Shanti heard the sound of flushing coming from  the last cubicle of the toilet. From experience, the sound indicated that there was not enough water in the tank so one would have to wait a while for the water to fill before flushing again. But the sound of flushing came non-stop despite there being not enough water. Shanti called out to the person to wait for a while longer before flushing again. Her call was ignored, the person kept flushing again and again. Feeling angry, Shanti marched to the door of the last cubicle and yelled at the person not to flush again until the water in the tank has filled up. She was ignored yet again! Shanti stretched out her hand with the intention of knocking on the door but the door was not locked, she pushed the door open only to find no one inside the cubicle!

Shanti ran out of the toilet but she managed to keep her cool as she did not want to frighten the sleeping school children.

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