Monday, 13 August 2012

Cleansing The Bladder

Cleansing The Bladder


Che Qian Cao (in Mandarain) and known as Tin Koon Choe (in Cantonese)


The brew concocted from the Che Qian Cao


Left : big red bean - the Cantonese call it Chek Siew Tau and on the right : barley 

This brew is believed to have cleansing properties for the bladder and the urinary tract. Good for those who suffer pain and discomfort when urinating.


100g fresh Che Qian Cao /Tin Koon Choe
20g big red beans / Chek Siew Tau (available only in Chinese herbal medicine shop)
40g barley
8 rice bowls of water 


Put all the ingredients together in a large pot and boil until only one rice bowl of liquid is left. Drink it warm.

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